Quiet at the center

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The Liberdade Terraces property development combines the serenity that you need to live a peaceful life with the best location in Lisbon, which lets you to be where the action is.


Between the contemporary and historic sides of the city, Liberdade Terraces is proud to offer you the peacefulness you need to recover from your busy life, while you enjoy the beauty of the Tagus River, the limestone cobbles, and the Lisbon light that is famed worldwide. With the Avenida da Liberdade right alongside, and the historic neighbourhoods a few steps away, in Liberdade Terraces you breathe an atmosphere that carries you beyond the city, in a space where you can feel the Lisbon's heartbeat.


To be able to get home and be carried away from the frenetic rhythm that surrounds you, is one of the great values of Liberdade Terraces. The terraces that harmoniously extend the living room and provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere, enabling you to recharge your batteries.


Liberdade Terraces offers a solution of unmatched value, in an area whose value is constantly rising, where the tradition of historical construction is combined with a modern building. That is why it is also a “Safe Haven” for those who want to invest in Lisbon.

Choose the perfect home for you and your family.

Les Pieds à Terre

Comfortable spaces, welcoming and versatile, capable of providing a practical response for those who are looking to get a foothold in the city centre.


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The Terraces

Due to its interior and exterior space and its privacy, views and peacefulness, these apartments clearly stand out from all the other residential accommodation offered in this part of Lisbon.


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The Penthouse

By taking up the entire top floor luxury and exclusivity are the keywords for this magnificent apartment. With the best view in the entire building and with terraces to enjoy with family or friends.


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